Selling art online: A beginner’s guide

The making of art is a honed skill. It is a talent that often improves with times and defines an artist’s core emotions. The talented artists of the world show their deepest emotions in their work, it has a way of touching potential consumer’s emotions and making them feel the desire to own such a reflection of their own emotions. That’s precisely what makes the difference between a novice and professional artist, the ability to make the ‘perceiver’ feel the emotion they put into their art.

The ‘sale’ of art, is a craft. It is honed by knowledge and the ability to identify with potential consumers and what would appeal to them VS what would more likely than not push them away from a possible sale. With the right knowledge selling art online is achievable and can be something just about anyone can do. So how to go about it?

  • Define yourself- Make a profile that completely defines you as an artist. Explain your interests and your strengths, and furthermore, explain where you would like to learn more and expand. Explain to the art world what makes you tick and influences the art that you put together. When people are taking time to consider investing in your art, the more they know, the more potential there is.
    • Join online art communities- With this honed profile describing who you are, join the appropriate art communities, get your name out there and allow people to get to know you.
      • If the site helps you sell the art, read the fine print about commission sales.
    • Twitter/Facebook- These two social media icons have the power to advertise like nothing else available on the market today. With the appropriate time put into them you can launch out countless amounts of information and get it to eyes, worldwide.

  • Blog about your art- Whether it is a free website or something you choose to sponsor on your own, blog on a regular basis about your art. Discuss what your future plans are and what you want from potential consumers. While sales are a great thing to achieve, the establishment of a normal audience is an even better achievement.
    • Discover Keywords- Learn about the art of keywords in the blog environment. If you learn what will general the most audience you will accomplish bringing more people to your information. More people often times means more sales.
    • Memorable titles- Make the search to find you and your work something of a simple nature. If you make it a very complex name or complicated, then you will become that much hard for the common consumer to come across. Attention is your friend.

  • Mailing list- If you create a mailing list you can generate subscribers who get informed on a regular basis when you make new blogs, and new pieces of art. As your popularity improves so will the potential for sales.

  • Realistic expectations- Don’t expect incredible results quickly. Fact is this is a very gradual process, and if you think it’s going to be bringing astounding amounts of traffic immediately, than you will be sorely disappointed. There is a certain amount of time needed to get the right amount of audience to effective sell and promote art. You have to expect it to take a while.

With all of that in mind, you can also take into consideration sites that will allow the promotion of art to be an easier task. If you take the appropriate consideration as to where your art will do best, the promotional aspect can become a much easier thing to accomplish. Take a look into sites such as:

Sites to look into for art promotion and selling your art online:

  • Etsy Well known throughout online services and has its own how-to guides to sell online.
  • AdwordsWith minor investments you can maximize on this form of advertisement by Google.
  • eBay For a small commission that ebay takes per sale you will have the option to broadcast your art worldwide. The shipping of the item falls under your responsibility, but aside from that setting price and shipping expense is up to you.
  • Amazon Similar to eBay, it gives you an online platform to post your items with shipping expectation and item cost. It allows you to take control of your products sale to the highest potential point. If you like to control most of the sale operation, eBay and Amazon are probably your best choices.
  • Craigslist Great for if you’re trying to establish yourself more locally and are trying to avoid a shipping expense for any of your art. Similar to eBay and Amazon, but it charges no commission.
  • FoliotwistThis site is designed as a marketing art site to begin with a paypal shopping cart built into it.
  • Flickr – Upload your artwork to Flickr, use relevant tags and get found by millions of users. A great site to start building a portfolio.

These are several ideas to get you started on your art creating, promotional, and sales adventure. Good luck!

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